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Sunday, March 6, 2011

March-ing along.....

Time is flying...the girls are growing....and the snow keeps falling. Winter is still here, and probably here to stay for a while longer. But - tea, soft music, little footprints and sweet cooing make the cold weather nastiness bearable.

The twins have had quite the run around with sickness....ending up with emergency visits and a five day stay in the hospital. Amelia seemed to have it worse than Louisa, but now Louisa has been going downhill again -  running a fever for the last couple of days and both of them are getting their coughs back. I think we'll be heading back to the doctor as soon as we can get in. Sigh. This RSV virus has been nasty nasty nasty!!! Thankfully, Lydia only had a short bout with it, and recovered quickly. She has been such a help and can now successfully run to the bathroom for "kleenex on a roll" , tear a piece off, bring it to whichever one of us asked for it, wait for its use to be completed and then run it back to the garbage...all the while saying "yuk, yuk". It's amazing just how helpful that is if you've got a babe (or two) in arms. She's also become a great help with unloading the dishwasher, assisting in changing the laundry to the dryer, and fulfilling a general roll of "gopher". She's such a sweetheart and is learning more words slowly...the latest being DIRT and DIRTY. :-) 

We got some updated pictures this week, so I thought I'd post them here....

                                                                Lydia Gayle  - 21 months
                                                                         Louisa Nicole
                                                                          Amelia Ruth
                                                              Double Sweetness.....5 Months